Luis Enrique Tábara


Luis Enrique Tábara (born 1930, Guayaquil, Ecuador) is a master Ecuadorian painter and teacher representing a whole Hispanic pictorial and artistic culture.

Tábara took interest in painting at the age of three and was drawing regularly by the age of six. In these early years, Tábara was strongly encouraged by both his sister and his mother. Enrique Tábara nevertheless is a creator who investigates and demystifies the image in which he takes refuge. Tábara's energetic and innovating spirit is a constant that reveals the anxious and versatile spirit of the teacher. A master of experimentation, he is fully aware of his roots and the process that he has followed over the years, with an abundant mass of brilliant works to show for it.

Tábara was greatly influenced by the Constructivist Movement, founded around 1913 by Russian artist Vladimir Tatlin, which made its way into Europe and Latin America by way of Uruguayan painter Joaqu’n Torres Garc’a and Parisian/Ecuadorian painter Manuel Rendón. Torres Garcia and Rendón both made an enormous impact on Latin America's master artists such as Enrique Tábara, Aníbal Villacís, Félix Arauz, Theo Constanté , Oswaldo Viteri, Estuardo Maldonado and Carlos Catasse, to name a few.