Hermel Quezada

Hermel Quezada

This 46-year-old Ecuadorian artist began his career 14 years ago and has risen to world prominence whit his dream-like, poetic works of nature. Quezada began by painting scenes of his childhood forest in La Union, Ecuador. The forest is still there in the foothills of the Andes Mountains, and he still draws inspiration from its soft light and its creatures of every kind. His vision of the hearth – filtered though this tranquil forest – has become increasingly famous thoughout the world.

His career has gone from initial local success to attaining a dozen individual exhibitions in Ecuador, dozens of collective exhibitions throughout South America, official recognition of his talent by the government of Ecuador, and sales to art lovers in dozens of countries in South America and Europe, as well as Japan, the United States, and Canada.

The artist has won top prizes throughout Ecuador: first national prize “Luis A. Martinez “ Salon (Ambato), Third National Prize “ll encuentro Latinoamericano de Artes Plasticas Las Peñas” (Guayaquil) and the United States, including prizes at the Naples (Florida) National Art Festival, The end West art festival (Illinois), culminating in the “Best of Show” Award at the Sunfest Art Show (West Palm Beach, Florida) in 1998. Over 150 artists took part in this Festival from all over the United States.

Quezada’s oil on canvas “La Chiva” was chosen for the festival’s top prize. It was the first time any non – American had ever won the highest honor.

Quezada has recently devoted a year to painting in his native La Union, and has been preparing for an exhibition of his works in Leonding, Austria. That show will exhibit his most ambitious oil on canvas project – a huge diptych (Two paintings, shown side by side as one). The subject of this enormous and complex work is the biblical theme of “Noah’s Ark”, and alone took four months to complete.

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