Gonzalo Endara Crow


Endara Crow's place, and his work is Ecuador. This does not mean that his country is exactly as he paints it, but rather he paints this place as he feels it. This is the Ecuador of the Promised Land, the place of dreams and wishes, the place of solidarity of the artist with the world" Peran Erminy.

"It is the chasm of the marvelous where Endara Crow searches for his images that delight us in their style half naive, half surrealist.

They are the expression of his personality. For this reason we must place him within a naiveness touched with the unreal. It is within the deepest of his self where he searches for and finds the fountain of his art. Does his painting not rise from the escaped dreams of a dreamer? During the instants of creation his spirit overflows and because of that he invites us to live his imaginary world." Georges Kasper.

From the book Gonzalo Endara Crow 1989, Doble O Productions and Representations Gonzalo Endara Crow.