Pilar Bustos

crow Chilean-Ecuadorian artist. Her dedication to drawing and painting has extended over nearly four decades. Her exploration of the human figure, and the plastic and conceptual quality of her work has made her one of the most renowned Ecuadorian artists in the history of Ecuadorian art.

She received her academic training in Cubanacán School of the Arts in Havana, Cuba where she gave her first exhibitions and won several awards including a mural in the city Sandino. Between 1970 and 1973 she lived and worked in Chile, collaborating with the cultural brigades of the government of Salvador Allende.

Since 1973 she has lived in Quito, Ecuador, where she has made the majority of her pictoral works, receiving important national and international accolades, exhibiting her works in galleries and museums in Ecuador, Venezuela, Spain, London, Mexico, and France, among others. She currently lives in Quito and is founder and president of Cienfuegos Arts Collective.